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About Timelot Software

The small group of people behind Timelot Software are an award winning team of software developers. We have literally put our heart and soul into this software - as well a the complete sum of our talents.

We passionately believe in creating effective and efficient software for businesses and we believe that this software is an important and valuable part of that campaign.

We constantly strive to improve our software and uphold what we believe it is the simplest time clock application in the world.

If you spot a bug or can suggest an improvement to our software then please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve it immediately.

We believe in freedom, the right to privacy, that software should be fairly priced, that the customer is always right and that words such as quality and value have a meaning beyond marketing hype.

Again thanks for looking at our software - if you decide to buy then we genuinely believe that you have made a good decision and we thank you for supporting our Timelot Software production.

If you are unhappy with your purchase and are looking for a return, please read our return policy.

The Timelot Software Team

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On Daily 10a - 5p EST

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